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Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Coming November 14th, 2017!

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is the live-action film adaptation of “The History of Trunks”. Truly a “by fans, for fans” passion project! Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope has rallied together the anime and Dragon Ball community with the mission of creating a great live-action Dragon Ball Z project. What makes this endeavor unique is that Robot Underdog is taking the fans and the community into consideration. Dragon Ball fans around the world get to vote on various aspects of the series. This project is bigger than Robot Underdog, it is something the whole community can participate in the creation of and be proud of, earning its place as the best live-action Dragon Ball Z. Robot Underdog released a humble spec version of the project a couple years ago, and fans around the world rallied together to raise funds to do the film properly!

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope will be released on Robot Underdog's Youtube Channel - Youtube.com/Robotunderdog2


Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Synopsis:

Hope is worth fighting for! Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is a live-action adaptation of “The History of Trunks”.  It is a post apocalyptic future destroyed by two man-made Androids. Our main characters, Gohan and Trunks fight against the unstoppable Androids #17 and #18 to save as many human lives as possible. The young Trunks must grow up quickly and learn from his mentor, Gohan. But with battles to fight on both the outside and inside, how long can they endure, and where will they find a light of hope? In this timeline, Goku & the other Z Warriors are dead. This is the story of Gohan & Trunks in their battle to survive against the Androids. In addition, Bulma is fighting her own battles to create a Time Machine as well as cure for the deadly heart disease that killed Goku. Most of all, everyone learns a powerful lesson in gain and loss.


Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope stars Kenny Leu as Future Gohan, Amy Johnston as Android 18, Tyler Tackett as Android 17, Ruthann Thompson as Future Bulma and Jack Wald as young Trunks.

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