We are very excited to welcome Kenny Leu to the Robot Underdog team!

Kenny will be playing Future Gohan in episodes II and III of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope and we will be releasing an interview video tomorrow with exclusive footage from Episode II.  Kenny will be stepping in to fill the role of Gohan since Anton was not able to fulfill the role due to personal reasons, but we still <3 Anton very much and cannot wait to work with him once he’s back in Los Angeles!



Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.15.40 PM

We’ll be releasing a full interview video of Kenny tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s a few things you should probably know about Kenny.

For starters, he’s awesome and has been such a great teammate on the project. We have a lot of very long, tough days on set where it’s either freezing cold or blistering hot, and everyone on the team has to pitch in (because there’s only like 7 of us) and Kenny jumped right in the trenches with us and we are super grateful to have him on board. Also, Kenny is a life-long fan of Dragon Ball Z and has been practicing his ki-blasts and power-ups for over a decade, his favorite DBZ Sagas are the Android and Cell Saga.  Kenny has been doing Martial Arts for most of his life and was on the United States Chinese Martial Arts team where he competed all over the world and became a champion in open fist, Chinese broadsword, and Chinese staff. On the other end of the spectrum, he majored in mechanical engineering and was a successful engineer in Silicon Valley before giving it all up to move to Los Angeles – so he’s basically Gohan in real life 🙂


We have some amazing concept art photos of what Kenny will look like as Gohan firing ki blasts and turning Super Saiyan below!

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Website: http://www.kennyleu.com






Concept Art VFX/CG by Gregory Hall

Photography by Rita McMillin